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How music affects your brain?

August 7, 2019

We’ve all experienced it. We’re just sitting there, minding our own business, and then that one song comes over the speakers and suddenly our heads start bobbing along in time with the music. Our feet start tapping to the beat, and we know we’ll be humming the words the rest of the day. Music has […]

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The 20 best songs of 2019

July 16, 2019

20 Fat White Family – Feet For the Serfs Up! album, which opened with this track, Fat White Family moved to Sheffield to get off heroin – but, it transpired, this merely meant not injecting it. That paradox suffuses Feet: its groove has very much got its shit together, but there’s still a sickness at its heart. It’s […]

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Remembering Top Male Playback Singers of Bollywood’s Golden Era

June 2, 2019

Mohammed Rafi Rafi Sahab or Rafi Da, as he is fondly remembered was a great student of music. In his formative years, he was inspired by a wandering fakir in his village who sang soulful songs. Also, it was his determination to become a Bollywood playback singer that convinced his father to allow him to leave his native place and come […]

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The Positive Effects of Listening to Music While Studying

May 1, 2019

Listening to music while doing schoolwork had created troubling opinions for many researchers as well as students. From the researcher’s point of view, some believe there are benefits of listening to music when doing schoolwork, while other researchers believe that there are negative effects. For example, in the article “Can Music Help You Study and […]

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The World’s Top-Earning Musicians Of 2019

April 21, 2019

40 | Migos 2019 EARNINGS: $36 million – 39 | U2 2019 EARNINGS: $37 million – 38 | Celine Dion 2019 EARNINGS: $37.5 million – 37 | Shawn Mendes 2019 EARNINGS: $38 million – 34 (tie) | Zac Brown Band 2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million – 34 (tie) | Kendrick Lamar 2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million – 34 (tie) | Calvin Harris 2019 EARNINGS: $38.5 million – 33 | Dave Matthews 2019 EARNINGS: $39 million – 32 | Lady Gaga 2019 EARNINGS: $39.5 million […]

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